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Aizen Marketing Solutions

Promoting child friendly conversations

Hello Welcome

We combine our knowledge and skills to best present and enhance the brand performance of clients.

Hello! Welcome

About Us

Aizen Marketing Solutions brings professionals with different competencies together to deliver effective solutions to clients’ marketing communication needs.

We combine our knowledge and skills to best present and enhance the brand performance of clients.

The Team

We love Kids

The purchasing power of children tends to be overlooked in our market. Having worked directly with children, we recognize the influence they have in the decision making process, we therefore interact with children to best understand their needs. We also emphasize on the importance of imparting useful the knowledge.

Lastly, despite their youth, we recognize that although not fully developed children have their own personalities and opinions; therefore they need to not only be seen but heard- contribute to the narrative!

The 5 E's


We are strongly against commercial exploitation of children. We engage brands with a wholesome message and have the well being of children at heart.


The process through which children engage with a brand, concept or message must be one that teaches.


A less scholarly approach to imparting knowledge, that makes learning fun.


We seek to contribute to children’s growth irrespective of social class, mental and physical ability and cultural background.


Connecting with children at their level and ensuring their voice is also heard is key.

Our Services


Providing actionable information on the target audience that informs client strategy


Collaborative effort between us, our clients and where applicable, the children to create customized campaigns.


Create engaging content that is relevant and can be used across various platforms.

Hello Talk to us today!

We have worked with several brands and organisations to assist them in packaging effectivene messages for children. This is done through, advertorials, comics, booklets, competitions,school activations etc. We have worked with Bingwa Magazine, Speedo & Aim pens, Brand Kenya Board, Save the Children, The Kids Festival, Novartis Pharma