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Principles and Values

We take our responsibility to inform and guide children into responsible adults very seriously. As such we have set simple operational guidelines

We are responsible for nurturing children; therefore we only engage clients whose message is wholesome. We will not associate with messages and brands that may cause physical, mental or emotional harm to children.

Our dealings with vendors, suppliers, partners and clients must be above board; we do not give or accept bribes or gifts to existing or potential stakeholders in return for favourable actions towards the company. Any representative of the company who engages in this will face severe disciplinary action.

We do as we say and say as we do; It is important that all our stakeholders trust us. We are therefore careful to deliver as promised. Honesty is key in all our dealings and as such we expect the same from our partners.

Company employees are expected to use client resources with utmost care: Intellectual property, data, equipment and financial resources belonging to clients are to be used discreetly and for the said client’s benefit only. We monitor use and restrict access to these resources to ensure

Children are the reason for our existence. We therefore are careful to ensure that our interaction with them is always under safe and secure physical conditions. We will not tolerate any individual or organisation that is out to exploit children and will report any suspected cases to the relevant authorities. Any information shared with our stakeholders is to be treated with utmost care and should not be used to exploit the children.

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We combine our knowledge and skills to best present and enhance the brand performance of clients.